Botero is a surname of Italian origin common in Colombia. Its meaning in English is "boat maker." The surname can refer to the following people:

  • Alejandro Botero (born 1980), Colombian footballer
  • Beatriz Elena Uribe Botero, Colombian politician
  • Fernando Botero (born 1932), Colombian figurative artist
  • Fernando Botero Zea (born 1956), Colombian politician
  • Giovanni Botero (c.1544–1617), Italian thinker, priest, poet, and diplomat
  • Joaquín Botero (born 1977), Bolivian footballer
  • Juan Carlos Botero, Colombian legal researcher
  • Juan Sebastián Botero (born 1986), Colombian-American footballer
  • Naty Botero, Colombian model
  • Santiago Botero (born 1972), Colombian cyclist
  • Samuel Botero (born 1945), Colombian American Designer