Botany of The Faeroes

Botany Of The Faeroes

Botany of the Færöes based upon Danish investigations – a three-volume classic scientific work on flora and vegetation of the Faroe Islands, including fungi, lichens, algae, bryophytes and vascular plants. It was published 1901 to 1908 and funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. The project was initiated by Eugen Warming, who edited the content. The published work was based on investigations made chiefly between 1895 and 1900 by F. Børgesen, C. Jensen, C.H. Ostenfeld, J. Hartz, H. Jónsson and Eug. Warming.

Warming, E. ed. (1901-1908) Botany of the Færöes (based upon Danish investigations), vol. I-III.

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