Boswell may refer to:

In places:

  • Boswell, Indiana, US
  • Boswell, Oklahoma, US
  • Boswell, Pennsylvania, US
  • Boswell, British Columbia, a rural community on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada
  • Boswell, British Columbia (Central Coast), a former cannery town in the Smith Sound area of the Central Coast region of British Columbia, Canada
  • Boswell Bay, Alaska, a place in Alaska

In other uses:

  • Boswell (surname)
    • James Boswell, often referred to as simply Boswell, friend and biographer of Samuel Johnson
    • Clan Boswell, a Lowland Scottish clan
  • Boswell (saint), Boisil, a 7th-century saint
  • Boswell High School, Fort Worth, Texas, US
  • Boswell Observatory, at Doane College in Nebraska, US
  • Boswells of Oxford, or simply Boswells, a department store in Oxford, England
  • The Boswells School, a secondary school in Chelmsford, Essex, England
  • Boswell: A Modern Comedy, a novel by Stanley Elkin

Famous quotes containing the word boswell:

    How easily and cleverly do I write just now! I am really pleased with myself; words come skipping to me like lambs upon Moffat Hill; and I turn my periods smoothly and imperceptibly like a skilful wheelwright turning tops in a turning-loom. There’s fancy! There’s simile!
    —James Boswell (1740–1795)

    He asked me whether I would not go with him to his house; I declined it, from an apprehension that my spirits would sink. We bade adieu to each other affectionately in the carriage. When he had got down upon the foot-pavement, he called out, “Fare you well;” and without looking back, sprung away with a kind of pathetick briskness, if I may use that expression, which seemed to indicate a struggle to conceal uneasiness, and impressed me with a foreboding of our long, long separation.
    —James Boswell (1740–1795)

    The anarchy, assassination, and sacrilege by which the Kingdom of France has been disgraced, desolated, and polluted for some years past cannot but have excited the strongest emotions of horror in every virtuous Briton. But within these days our hearts have been pierced by the recital of proceedings in that country more brutal than any recorded in the annals of the world.
    —James Boswell (1740–1795)