Boston Bypass Independents

The Boston Bypass Independents were elected to Boston Borough Council at the 2007 local elections. The party campaigned on a wide range of issues but principally on the more vigorous promotion of a bypass for the town of Boston, Lincolnshire.

The party contested all 32 seats, winning 25 to become the first party to take overall control of the council since the borough was formed in 1972. By autumn 2008, the party had 18 borough councillors remaining, after losing four members in defections to the Better Boston Group, one to become an independent, and two in by-elections. Following the 2011 local elections, the party was almost wiped out completely.

In July 2009, the Audit Commission said, in an assessment covering the period from 2004 to 2009, that the council gave poor value for money for taxpayers. That period included 3 years of the previous administration's term of office and only 2 under the BBI. The most recent report from the Audit Commission, in February 2010, judged Boston as a 'fair' Council.

In 2008, leader Richard Austin helped found a county-wide party, "Lincolnshire Independents – Lincolnshire First!".

In 2012, the party was renamed as the Boston District Independents.

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