Bormann is a German surname most common in Germany. People having this surname include:

  • Albert Bormann (1902–1989), German Nazi party adjutant to Adolf Hitler.
  • Cheryl Bormann, an attorney for a Guantanamo detainee
  • Ernest Bormann (fl. 1960), American academic
  • Ernst Bormann (1897–1960), German World War I flying ace and World War II Luftwaffe general
  • Juana Bormann (1893–1945), German Nazi prison guard
  • Martin Bormann (1900–1945), German Nazi party official
  • Martin Adolf Bormann (b. 1930), German former priest, godson of Adolf Hitler
  • Michael Bormann (b. 1966), German musician

Famous quotes containing the word bormann:

    Everything I do is done within sight of the Führer, so that my faults or mistakes are never hidden from him. I do my very utmost to live and act in such a manner that the Führer should remain satisfied with me; I am hard-working; but whether I shall always be able to cope with the tasks entrusted to me in the future as well, is an open question.
    —Martin Bormann (1900–1945)