Bloc may refer to:

  • Eastern Bloc, a former group of countries in Europe
  • Voting bloc, a group of voters voting together
  • Trade bloc, a type of intergovernmental agreement
  • Bloc voting (disambiguation), several types of voting systems
  • Black bloc, a tactic used at protests, often by anarchist-aligned groups
  • Bloc Québécois, a political party in Canada
  • Valencian Nationalist Bloc, a political party in Land of Valencia

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Famous quotes containing the word bloc:

    Unpleasant questions are being raised about Mother’s Day. Is this day necessary? . . . Isn’t it bad public policy? . . . No politician with half his senses, which a majority of politicians have, is likely to vote for its abolition, however. As a class, mothers are tender and loving, but as a voting bloc they would not hesitate for an instant to pull the seat out from under any Congressman who suggests that Mother is not entitled to a box of chocolates each year in the middle of May.
    Russell Baker (20th century)