Blending may refer to:

  • the process of mixing things together
  • Blending (alcohol production), a technique to produce alcoholic beverages by mixing together different brews
  • Blending (linguistics), the process of forming a word from two or more letters that represent the sounds of a word
  • Blending (music), a technique used in instrument playing
  • Blending (vocal technique), a technique used in vocal warm up
  • Blending inheritance, a widespread hypothetical model prior to the discovery of genetics in which it was thought inherited traits were determined randomly from a range bounded by the homologous traits found in the parents
  • Alpha blending, a technique in image producing
  • Conceptual blending, a general theory of cognition
  • Gas blending, the filling of diving cylinders with non-air breathing gases such as nitrox, trimix and heliox
  • Tea blending, the process of blending different teas together to produce a final product
  • The Blending (novel series), a fantasy series by Sharon Green
  • Travel blending, a technique, developed in Australia, for encouraging people to make more efficient and environmentally sound transportation choices

Famous quotes containing the word blending:

    On wings of morning our prayers and devotions are soaring.
    All of creation awakens, the Maker adoring.
    Join in the song. Harmonies blending along,
    Vigor and life now restoring.
    Jane Parker Huber (b. 1926)

    Exhaust them, wrestle with them, let them not go until their blessing be won, and, after a short season, the dismay will be overpast, the excess of influence withdrawn, and they will be no longer an alarming meteor, but one more brighter star shining serenely in your heaven, and blending its light with all your day.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I have proceeded ... to prevent the lapse from ... the point of blending between wakefulness and sleep.... Not ... that I can render the point more than a point—but that I can startle myself ... into wakefulness—and thus transfer the point ... into the realm of Memory—convey its impressions,... to a situation where ... I can survey them with the eye of analysis.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)