Big Brother 2004 (UK) - Housemates


12 housemates entered the house on Day 1. In week 5, Becki entered through the bedroom door as a replacement for Emma who had been ejected earlier in the series.

Name Age on entry Hometown
Ahmed Aghil 44 Liverpool/Somalia
Becki Seddiki 33 London
Daniel Bryan 30 Hull
Emma Greenwood 20 Oldham
Jason Cowan 30 South Lanarkshire
Kitten Pinder 24 Brighton
Marco Sabba 21 Middlesex
Michelle Bass 23 Newcastle upon Tyne
Nadia Almada 27 London/Madeira
Shell Jubin 22 Glasgow
Stuart Wilson 20 Macclesfield
Vanessa Nimmo 26 South Africa
Victor Ebuwa 23 London

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