Between The Stars and Waves - Track Listing

Track Listing

All songs composed by Rico Blanco except where noted.

  1. "Sunday Driving" (4:12) (Music by: Japs Sergio & Rico Blanco)
  2. "A Love to Share" (3:15)
  3. "241 (My Favorite Song)" (4:35)
  4. "One Good Afternoon" (3:48) (Japs Sergio)
  5. "Balisong" (3:40) (Music by: Kakoi Legaspi and Rico Blanco)
  6. "Take My Cue" (3:39) (Mike Elgar)
  7. "Table for Two" (3:17) (Japs Sergio)
  8. "Atat" (3:51) (Mike Elgar and Rico Blanco)
  9. "She" (3:39) (Mike Elgar)
  10. "Noontime Show" (2:31) (Japs Sergio)
  11. "I Can't Let Go" (4:40) (Mike Elgar)
  12. "Pinaiyak Mo Na Naman Ako" (3:43) (Mike Elgar)
  13. "Squeezy" (5:03) (Mike Elgar)
  14. "Home" (4:30) (Mike Elgar)
  15. "A Love to Share (Acoustic)" (2:53)

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