Bettelheim is a surname and Jewish family.

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Famous quotes containing the word bettelheim:

    Parents ought, through their own behavior and the values by which they live, to provide direction for their children. But they need to rid themselves of the idea that there are surefire methods which, when well applied, will produce certain predictable results. Whatever we do with and for our children ought to flow from our understanding of and our feelings for the particular situation and the relation we wish to exist between us and our child.
    —Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    From a child’s play, we can gain understanding of how he sees and construes the world—what he would like it to be, what his concerns are, what problems are besetting him.
    —Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    As the creative adult needs to toy with ideas, the child, to form his ideas, needs toys—and plenty of leisure and scope to play with them as he likes, and not just the way adults think proper. This is why he must be given this freedom for his play to be successful and truly serve him well.
    —Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)