Berserk! - Cast


  • Joan Crawford as Monica Rivers
  • Ty Hardin as Frank Hawkins
  • Diana Dors as Matilda
  • Michael Gough as Albert Dorando
  • Judy Geeson as Angela Rivers
  • Robert Hardy as Detective Supt. Brooks
  • Geoffrey Keen as Commissioner Dalby
  • Sydney Tafler as Harrison Liston
  • George Claydon as Bruno Fontana
  • Philip Madoc as Lazlo
  • Ambrosine Phillpotts as Miss Burrows
  • Thomas Cimarro as Gaspar
  • Peter Burton as Gustavo
  • Golda Casimir as Bearded Lady
  • Ted Lune as Skeleton Man
  • Milton Reid as Strong Man
  • Marianne Stone as Wanda
  • Miki Iveria as Gypsy Fortune-Teller
  • Howard Goorney as Emil
  • Reginald Marsh as Sergeant Hutchins
  • Bryan Pringle as Constable Bradford

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