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    You involved me in a public scandal. I protested. You said, “Do your worst” and that’s precisely what I did.
    —Charles Bennett (b.1899)

    I have heard arguments ... in favor of pardoning D. M. Bennett, convicted of sending obscene matter through the mails, viz., a pamphlet [by Ezra Hervey Heywood] of a polemical character in favor of free love. While I am satisfied that Bennett ought not to have been convicted, I am not satisfied that I ought to undertake to correct the mistakes of the courts—constantly persisted in—by the exercise of the pardoning power.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    I want to hear the chanting
    Around a heathen fire
    Of a strange black race.
    —Gwendolyn B. Bennett (1902–1981)