Benjamin Fawcett - Selected Books Printed By Fawcett

Selected Books Printed By Fawcett

  • A Natural History of British Birds. The Rev. Francis Orpen Morris (1850-1857) 6 vols., 8vo, Groombridge.
  • British Fresh-water Fishes. The Rev. William Houghton (Two volume set). Benjamin Fawcett, A F Lydon, Publisher William Mackenzie: : London.

First Edition xxvi, 202pp (380 x 290 mm), Illustrated with 41 full page colour plates as well as vignette head pieces, brick-red cloth, with piscatorial emblems. 41 tissue-guarded colour-printed xylograph plates by Benjamin Fawcett of Driffield after A.F.Lydon, and another 64 woodcuts by Lydon.

  • Parrots in Captivity. William Greene.
  • Alpine Plants. David Wooster.
  • County Seats of The Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland. The Rev. Francis Orpen Morris (1870). William Mackenzie, Ludgate Hill.

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