Believer(s) or The Believer(s) may refer to:

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Famous quotes containing the word believer:

    Better risk loss of truth than chance of error—that is your faith-vetoer’s exact position. He is actively playing his stake as much as the believer is; he is backing the field against the religious hypothesis, just as the believer is backing the religious hypothesis against the field.
    William James (1842–1910)

    Perhaps the fact that I am not a Radical or a believer in the all powerful ballot for women to right her wrongs and that I do not scorn womanly duties, but claim it as a privilege to clean up and sort of supervise the room and sew things, etc., is winning me stronger allies than anything else.
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    One poem proves another and the whole,
    For the clairvoyant men that need no proof:
    The lover, the believer and the poet.
    Their words are chosen out of their desire,
    The joy of language, when it is themselves.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)