Belarus Free Theatre - Subsequent International Support and Press Reviews

Subsequent International Support and Press Reviews

  • The Financial Times: Being Harold Pinter (4****)
  • Daily Telegraph: Being Harold Pinter (5*****)
  • The Observer: interview by Stephanie Merritt
  • The Sunday Times: Being Harold Pinter (5*****)
  • The Irish Times: Fiona McCann on Belarus Free Theatre
  • The Times: Benedict Nightingale on Belarus Free Theatre
  • The New-York Times: Wilborn Hampton on Belarus Free Theatre
  • The Guardian: Mark Ravenhill on Belarus Free Theatre
  • Time Out London: Being Harold Pinter/Generation Jeans (4****)
  • Thomas Nordanstad: video "A day in the life of Belarus Free Theatre"
  • The Guardian: Being Harold Pinter/Generation Jeans (5*****)
  • The Guardian: Being Harold Pinter (5*****)
  • The Guardian: Michael Billington on Belarus Free Theatre
  • The Sunday Times: Being Harold Pinter/Generation Jeans at Soho Theatre (4****)
  • WORLD MUSICIANS FOR SOLIDARITY WITH BELARUS: European musicians supported Belarus. Solidarity party in Minsk
  • Radio FREEDOM/FREE EUROPE: interview with Nikolai Khalezin
  • Appeal in the support of Belarus Free Theatre signed up by more than 100 world-known theatre figures

On 10 February 2008, there was a benefit performance of Being Harold Pinter as part of a Gala Evening at Soho Theatre, in London, staged in Russian with English surtitles, along with Generation Jeans, which Harold Pinter attended; the committee for this Gala Evening was chaired by Sir Tom Stoppard, and the event was "To raise vital funds for the UK presentation of The Belarus Free Theatre and associated contextual events including workshops and platform discussions on censorship and freedom of speech." The production, which was performed from 11 to 23 February 2008, received appreciative press reviews, including 5 stars from Pinter's official authorised biographer Michael Billington, in his Guardian review, and 4 stars from the Times reviewer Sam Marlowe, who observed that "Drama doesn't come more urgently political than in the work of the Belarus Free Theatre."

Being Harold Pinter premiered in New South Wales, Australia, at the Belvoir St Theatre, in Surry Hills, on 6 January 2009, playing there from 6 through 11 and 28 through 31 January and 1 February and at Q Theatre, Penrith, from 14 through 17 January 2009. The production, a part of the Sydney Festival 2009 (10–31 January), took on "a particular poignancy" after Pinter's death occurred on 24 December 2008.

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