Bek or BEK may refer to:

  • Bek, an alternative spelling of Bey, master
  • Khagan Bek, the title of the king of the Khazars
  • Bek Ohmsford, a character in the Shannara series of books
  • Bruce Eric Kaplan, a cartoonist for The New Yorker
  • Bek (sculptor) or Bak, an ancient Egyptian sculptor
  • Garryn Bek, a fictional police officer from DC Comics
  • A Bek, a minor-character Hork-Bajir child in Animorphs book 23
  • Bek, birthname of the American musician Beck
  • Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, a media lab for artists in Norway
  • Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft, a type of pulp made from Eucalyptus