Basque may refer to:

  • The Basque language
  • The Basque people
  • Basque (grape), another name for white wine grape Crouchen
  • A type of clothing:
    • A short basque; see torsolette
    • An old basque; see basque (clothing)

See also:

  • List of Basques
  • The Basque Country (greater region), the homeland of the Basques with parts in Spain and France
  • Basque Country (autonomous community), an autonomous region within Spain
  • Northern Basque Country (Pays Basque) in France
  • The Basque Country national football team
  • Basque cuisine
  • Basque nationalism
  • Basque mythology
  • Basque music
  • Basque Nationalist Party
  • Basque diaspora
  • Basque-American
  • Basque Conflict