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As a given name Bart is a diminutive of Bartholomew and may refer to:

  • Bart Berman (born 1938), Dutch-Israeli pianist and composer
  • Bart Bok (1906–1983), Dutch-American astronomer
  • Bart D. Ehrman, American New Testament scholar
  • Bart de Graaff (1967–2002), Dutch television personality
  • Bart King, American author
  • Bart Laeremans (born 1966), Belgian politician
  • Bart Preneel, Belgian scientist
  • Bartholomew Roberts, an 18th century pirate sometimes called Black Bart
  • Bart Sibrel, American conspiracy theory film maker
  • Bart Somers (born 1964), Belgian politician
  • Bart Staes (born 1958), Belgian politician
  • Bart Stupak (born 1952), Polish-American politician
  • Bart Wenrich, American television producer
  • Bart De Wever (born 1970), Flemish politician
  • Bart Brentjens (born 1968), Dutch cyclist
  • Bart Conner, American Olympic gymnast
  • Bart Dockx (born 1981), Belgian cyclist
  • Bart Goor (born 1973), Belgian soccer player
  • Bart Scott (born 1980), American Football player for the New York Jets
  • Bart Starr (born 1934), American Football player and coach
  • Bart Veldkamp (born 1967), Dutch speed skater
  • Bart Voskamp (born 1968), Dutch cyclist
  • Bart Wellens (born 1978), Belgian cyclo-cross cyclist
  • Bart Zoet (1942–1992), Dutch cyclist
  • Bart Whitaker, (died 2007), man who attempted to murder his family to cover up a fake college graduation whose actions were described in the book Murder by Family

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