Baron Herbert

Baron Herbert is a title in the Peerage of England. It was created by writ in 1461 for William Herbert, who was later made Earl of Pembroke. The second Earl of Pembroke surrendered his earldom in return for another earldom, Huntingdon. The barony, however, passed to his daughter Elizabeth, who would later marry the first Earl of Worcester. At Elizabeth's death, the title passed to her son, who would later inherit the earldom of Worcester. Later, the fifth Earl was made Marquess of Worcester, and the third Marquess became Duke of Beaufort. Thereafter, the barony and dukedom remained united until 1984, when, upon the death of the tenth Duke, the barony fell into abeyance. Then, in 2002, the Queen terminated the abeyance of the barony of Herbert in favour of David John Seyfried.

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