LEA may refer to:

  • Labour Electoral Association, British Liberal-Labour organisation
  • Late Embryogenesis Abundant protein, protein that protects against desiccation and freezing in bacteria, plants and animals.
  • Laredo Energy Arena, a hockey stadium in Laredo, Texas
  • Law enforcement agency, or Law enforcement authority
  • Lear Corporation, where LEA is the stock symbol of this automotive parts supplier after it exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Load Effective Address, an assembly language instruction
  • Local Education Authority, the part of a council in England or Wales that is responsible for education within that council's jurisdiction
  • Local education agency, a public school district in the United States.

Lea may refer to:

  • Darrell Lea, Australian company making and selling chocolate
  • Lea Gottlieb, Hungarian-born Israeli fashion designer
  • Lea Hernandez, American comic book and webcomic artist
  • Lea Nordheim, Dutch Olympic champion gymnast

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