Bani Walid

Bani Walid ( /ˈbæniː wɑːˈliːd/; Arabic: بني وليد‎ Banī Walīd, ) is a town in Libya, in the Misrata District. The city is located on either side of the wadi Merdum, and is surrounded by the Libyan desert.

Prior to 2007 it was the capital of Bani Walid District. Bani Walid has an airport, Bani Walid airport. Under the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, it was divided into two Basic People's Congresses: Dahra - Bani Walid (الظهرة – بني وليد), and Zaytouna - Bani Walid (الزيتونة – بني وليد).

It is the home to the Warfalla tribe, the only city in which only one tribe resides. A campus of Misrata University is located in Bani Walid.

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