AVC may refer to:

  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, Advanced Video Coding, a digital video-compression format
  • Access vector cache in implementations of Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Additional Voluntary Contribution, extra contributions to an occupational pension scheme
  • Advanced Video Communications, owner of Stickam
  • Aluminum Vehicle Carrier, a new type of autorack, a railroad freight car
  • Asian Volleyball Confederation, the continental governing body for the sport of volleyball in Asia
  • Atlantic Veterinary College, on Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Automated Vehicle Classification, see Electronic toll collection
  • Automated Vending Carts, e-commerce websites using shopping cart software
  • Automatic Volume Control, also called Automatic gain control, a way of compensation for fading of radio signals
  • Association of Vineyard Churches, a Protestant Christian denomination based in North America
  • ¬°Alfaro Vive, Carajo!, a defunct left-wing group in Ecuador
  • Antelope Valley College, a community college in Lancaster, California
  • Ab urbe condita, Latin for "from the founding of the city" (of Rome), used to calculate dates; also written as Anno Urbis Conditae
  • Anna-Varney Cantodea, Darkwave musician
  • average variable cost, a metric used in economics