Austin Maxi - Appearances


  • 1969 BBC Wheelbase, Tomorrows World and The Money Programme
  • 1971 BBC Doctor Who (Terror of the Autons)
  • 1971 BBC Out of the Unknown (Deathday)
  • 1974 Film Deadly Strangers
  • 1975 LWT The New Avengers, Thames The Sweeney
  • 1975 Film Carry on Behind
  • 1975 BBC Fawlty Towers, Survivors, HTV Children of the Stones
  • 1977 BBC King Cinder
  • 1978 BBC Z-Cars, Film Sweeney 2
  • 1979 BBC Fawlty Towers (2nd Series), LWT The Professionals (Dead Reckoning), Minder (TV series) (The Bounty Hunter)
  • 1980 BBC Dave Allen (Death/Drink Driving Sketch)
  • 1981 LWT The Professionals (The Ojuka Situation)
  • 1982 Yorkshire Harrys Game
  • 1983 Thames Jemima Shore Investigates
  • 1985 Film National Lampoon's European Vacation
  • 1988 BBC Last of the Summer Wine
  • 1990 BBC The Sharp End
  • 1993 BBC One Foot in the Grave
  • 1996 BBC Our Friends in the North
  • 1998 BBC The Lakes
  • 1998 BBC In The Red
  • 2005 Film Munich
  • 2011 Film Killer Elite

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