Atlanta Spirit

Atlanta Spirit

Atlanta Spirit, LLC is an Atlanta, Georgia-based partnership who owns the NBA's Atlanta Hawks and their home arena, Philips Arena. The seven partners who comprise the group are Michael Gearon, Jr., Bruce Levenson, Ed Peskowitz, J. Rutherford Seydel, Todd Foreman, J. Michael Gearon, Sr., and Beau Turner. Levenson, Peskowitz and Foreman, who are headquartered in Washington, D.C., work outside of Atlanta. The group originally had nine partners, with Steve Belkin leaving in 2005 following conflicts with the other members, and Bud Seretean dying in 2007.

Although Ted Turner is not a part of this group, there are many connections to him: Beau Turner is the youngest son of Ted Turner. J. Rutherford Seydel is a son-in-law of Ted Turner., Michael Gearon Sr. was the general manager (1977–79), president (1977–1986) and chairman of the board (1986–2004) of the Atlanta Hawks under Turner's ownership. Bud Seretean is also a former president and general manager of the Hawks (1975–77) and a former board member of Turner Broadcasting System.

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