Arrondissement - Belgium


Belgium is a federalized country which geographically consists of three regions, of which only Flanders (Flemish Region) and Wallonia (Walloon Region) are subdivided into five provinces each; the Brussels-Capital Region is neither a province nor is it part of one.

In Belgium, there are administrative, judicial and electoral arrondissements. These may or may not relate to identical geographical areas.

  • The 43 administrative arrondissements are an administrative level between the municipalities and the provinces.
  • Belgium has 27 judicial arrondissements.
  • For the elections of the Walloon Parliament, 13 electoral arrondissements (or grouped arrondissements) are used as electoral districts.
    • Until 2002, the electoral districts for the Chamber of Representatives were electoral arrondissements; at present these are provincial constituencies and one for Brussels-Capital. The electoral districts Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde and Leuven still existed until 2012.
    • Electoral arrondissements were also used for the Flemish Parliament elections, until 2004 when they were changed to provincial electoral districts.

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