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Population Statistics

In 1850 the traditionalist diocese of ʿAqra included eleven villages in the ʿAqra region and four villages in the Gomel valley, and contained 249 families, 9 priests and 13 churches (Badger). The large villages of Khardes and Herpa and several smaller villages were not included in Badger's list, probably because the majority of their inhabitants were Catholics.

The Chaldean diocese of ʿAqra had a population of 2,718 Chaldeans, with 17 priests, in 1867 (Martin); 1,000 Chaldeans, with 8 priests and 12 churches, in 1896 (Chabot); and 2,390 Chaldeans, with 16 priests and 10 churches, in 1913 (Tfinkdji). All of the villages listed in the traditionalist diocese in 1850 (apart from the Zibar villages of Erdil and Beth Kola) had Catholic communities in 1913, but the process of conversion was far from complete. Eleven villages in the diocese of ʿAqra in 1896, and the last nine villages listed by Tfinkdji in 1913, were 'semi-Nestorian'. A recently-published book by Youel Baaba has supplied the Syriac names of the villages in the diocese of ʿAqra.

Chaldean communities in the diocese of ʿAqra, 1913

Name of Village Name in Syriac Number of Believers Number of Priests Number of Churches Name of Village Name in Syriac Number of Believers Number of Priests Number of Churches
ʿAqra 250 2 1 Dure 50 1 1
Herpa 200 1 1 Artun 100 1 1
Khardes 120 1 0 Beth Mishmish 150 0 1
Nerem 100 1 1 Beth Nura 80 0 0
Sharmen 250 1 1 Gwessa 60 0 0
Shahwipalan 120 1 0 Guppa 40 0 0
Gorgoran 80 1 0 Barzane 90 1 0
Nuhawa 150 1 1 Beth Sapre 30 0 0
Arena 300 2 1 Mallabarwan 120 1 1
Sanaya 100 1 1 Total 2,390 16 10

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