AQ, Aq, aQ, or aq may stand for or refer to:


  • American Samoa, the DAFIF 0413 / DIA 65-18 / FIPS PUB 10-4
  • Antarctica, ISO 3166-1 country code
  • L'Aquila, a province of Italy
  • Aq, alternate name of Ak, Buin Zahra, a village in Iran


  • Adaptive quantization, a quantization process that provides efficient compression
  • Anthraquinone, an aromatic organic compound
  • Aqueous solution, dissolved in water
  • The Autism Spectrum Quotient, a test for autism spectrum conditions in adul


  • Acquity Group stock symbol (NYSE: AQ)
  • Academic Quadrangle, a landmark building of Simon Fraser University
  • AdventureQuest, an online RPG by Artix Entertainment
  • Al-Qaeda, an Islamic terrorist group
  • Alliance Quebec, a Canadian lobbyist group for English-speaking Quebecers
  • Aloha Airlines, former IATA code for the defunct airline
  • Aloha Air Cargom IATA code
  • Australian Quarterly, an Australian political science journal
  • Automatic Qualifying conference, an NCAA athletic conference with an automatic berth in a Bowl Championship Series game
  • Oracle Advanced Queuing, a message provider used in the software products of the Oracle Corporation