Apostolic Christian Church of America - Biblical Practices and Traditions

Biblical Practices and Traditions

  • Members seek to obey the Bible, which they hold to be the infallible Word of God. Many of their practices, however, are not explicitly derived from the Bible. Rather, some of them are biblically inspired traditions derived from the writings of Froehlich (who was strongly influenced by early church writers such as Tertullian) and some are past practices found to be beneficial. These traditions are passed from one generation to the next and are held in high esteem, but supposedly are never meant to approach the level of Biblical commandments. Traditions within the Apostolic Christian Church are said to help encourage believers in their commitment to serving the Lord, help to knit generations together, and provide close harmony among the various congregations.
  • Holy Communion is served typically once, or possibly multiple times, during the year for church members, often (but not necessarily) near Easter. The Holy Communion service is a closed service, with only members present. Holy Communion is typically preceded by a period, typically around a month, of self-examination and restitution.
  • The Holy Kiss is the greeting used in Apostolic Christian churches, based on the epistles of Paul and the general epistle of 1 Peter.
  • Intrareligious marriage and intrafaith marriage is encouraged for all members. Faith marriage is practiced (seeking the Lord's direction regarding a spouse). Dating and courtship are discouraged.
  • When there was a Selective Service draft, church members, and sometimes friends (unconverted people, often family members, who attend regularly), served in a non-combatant status in the military.
  • The taking and swearing of an oath is forbidden, based on Christ's teachings. An affirmation may be used as an alternative in legal, and other, matters.
  • Most congregations have separated seating for men and women, depending on local custom and occasion.
  • Business attire is expected during worship services. Women are expected to wear dresses or skirts and are encouraged to be modestly dressed, including not wearing jewellery. In all congregations, the use of cosmetics is discouraged. Men are expected to wear suits and ties.
  • Male members are expected to be clean-shaven in most congreations.
  • Different congregations typically exchange "greetings" between each other and their members, either in person or at-large after the worship service while any church announcements are shared to the congregation.
  • Church members are encouraged to use King James English when praying and referring to God (using "Thee" and "Thou" rather than "you").

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