Apostolic Christian Church of America

The Apostolic Christian Church of America is a Christian denomination, based in the United States. Its website states, "The Apostolic Christian Church believes in the infallibility of the Bible, and it is founded on faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The purpose of the church is to teach the Gospel message of salvation, to nurture the believer, to preserve sound doctrine and to serve others in the likeness of Christ."

The denomination consists of approximately 90 congregations in the United States, Japan, Mexico and Canada. The church also conducts worship services on many college campuses in several states. An organization called Apostolic Christian World Relief collects both financial and material aid for distribution to persons in need on a worldwide basis. There is growing mission work in Mexico, including development of an orphanage in Magdalena, Mexico.

The church operates nursing homes for the elderly in several states, a Home for the Handicapped in Morton, Illinois along with several residential facilities, and a Children's Home in Leo, Indiana.

For information on the general history of the Apostolic Christian "family" of denominations (and links to other related denominations), see Apostolic Christian Church.

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