Antiochia - in Modern Turkey

In Modern Turkey

  • Antioch (Antiochia ad Orontem, Syrian Antiochia or Great Antiochia), modern Antakya
    • Principality of Antiochia, a Crusader state centered on it
  • Nisibis or Antiochia Mygdonia, in ancient Mesopotamia, now Nusaybin, Mardin Province
  • Antioch, Pisidia (also Antiochia in Phrygia), near modern Yalvaç, Isparta Province
  • Aydın, also known as Antiochia, Tralles or Tralleis, modern Aydın, Turkey
  • Alabanda or Antiochia of the Chrysaorians, Caria, modern Doğanyurt (formerly Araphisar), Aydin Province
  • Antioch on the Maeander (Antiochia ad Mæandrum), in Caria, formerly Pythopolis, ruins near Kuyucak, Aydin Province
  • Antiochia, Lydia, precise location unknown
  • Samosata or Antiochia in Commagene, now Samsat, Adıyaman Province
  • Cebrene or Antiochia in Troad, Kevrin or Kebrene, now in Canakkale Province, Turkey
  • Edessa, Mesopotamia or Antiochia on the Callirhoe, former capital of Osroene, later named Justinopolis and Edessa, now Şanlıurfa
  • Tarsus (city), Antiochia on the Cydnus, or Tarsos, Mersin Province
  • Antiochia Lamotis (Antiochia in Isauria), now near Erdemli, Mersin Province
  • Antiochia ad Cragum (Antiochetta, Antiocheta, or Latin: Antiochia Parva), now Güney, Antalya Province
  • Antiochia ad Pyramum, ruins near Karataş, Adana Province
  • Adana (Antiochia in Cilicia), now Adana, Adana Province
  • Antiochia ad Taurum, in Cilicia later in Commagene, probably now Gaziantep (less probably, Aleppo, Syria)
  • Antiochia Paraliou, location unknown but some identify it with Antiochia ad Cragum; probably in Turkey
  • Antiochia in Mesopotamia, also Antiochia in Arabia and Antiochia Arabis, probably near Viranşehir, Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey

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