Another Fine Mess (song)

"Another Fine Mess" is the title of a minor 2005 hit single for Chesney Hawkes from the album Another Fine Mess. The single was Chesney's first release for more than two years, after the failure of "Stay Away Baby Jane" in 2002.

The song was written by Nik Kershaw, who had also written Hawkes' massive number one hit "The One and Only" in 1991.

The video featured Chesney with a new look.

"Another Fine Mess" peaked at #48 in the UK, becoming his biggest chart entry since 1991.

Chesney Hawkes
Studio albums
  • Another Fine Mess
  • "The One and Only"
  • "I'm a Man Not a Boy"
  • "Another Fine Mess"
  • Buddy's Song

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