Another Century's Episode 2 - System Changes

System Changes

  • Faster Combat: A.C.E.2 delivers and portrays high-speed mecha combat better than its predecessor.
  • Pilot Cut-Ins: The game will feature the pilots in both 2D and cel-shaded 3D forms, while in A.C.E. their only presence was in sound bites played while launching and during certain battles.
  • More Weapons: Each unit can also have up to seven weapons, which can be set by the player; this allows the player to separate the units primary ranged weapon and melee weapon, unlike the previous game.
  • Improved Support: While A.C.E. allowed the player to have other units support him/her during a stage, their presence was limited to occasional voice clips. A.C.E.2 will have the other units actually appear during the stage as computer-controlled allies.
  • Combination Attacks: The player will be able to perform special combination attacks where their team members combine their skills with incredibly devastating (and cinematic) results. Certain combinations of characters will result in team-ups from the anime involved, such as Brain Powered's Chakra Extension and Nadesico's Double Gekigan Flare. Some combinations of characters (such as the major characters from Macross and Endless Waltz) get new combinations. If the player uses three unrelated characters for a combination attack, they simply perform a generic all-out attack.
  • Favorites System: Much like recent entries into the Super Robot Wars series (specifically MX and J), A.C.E.2 features a system by which the player can designate one of the featured series as their favorite. The units from the favored series may be upgraded more than they would normally, potentially making them the strongest units in that player's game.

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