Angeles may refer to:

  • Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the Western United States
  • Angeles City, a city in Pampanga, Philippines
  • "Angeles", a 1991 song by Enya from her album Shepherd Moons
  • "Angeles", a 1993 song by Engelbert Humperdinck from his album Yours: Quiereme Mucho
  • "Angeles", a 1997 song by Elliott Smith from his album Either/Or
  • Angeles National Forest, a national forest on the outskirts of Los Angeles
    • Angeles Forest Highway, a road in said forest.
  • Darwin Angeles (b. 1968), Honduran boxer
  • Ángeles Mastretta (born October 9, 1949, in Puebla), a Mexican author and journalist
  • Ángeles Montolio (born August 6, 1975 in Barcelona), a former professional tennis player from Spain
  • Ángeles González-Sinde (Madrid, 1965) is a Spanish scriptwriter, film director and the current Culture Minister of Spain.
  • Ángeles Balbiani (August 7, 1982, in Buenos Aires, Argentina), an Argentine actress

Famous quotes containing the word angeles:

    In Washington, the first thing people tell you is what their job is. In Los Angeles you learn their star sign. In Houston you’re told how rich they are. And in New York they tell you what their rent is.
    Simon Hoggart (b. 1946)

    Cities are ... distinguished by the catastrophic forms they presuppose and which are a vital part of their essential charm. New York is King Kong, or the blackout, or vertical bombardment: Towering Inferno. Los Angeles is the horizontal fault, California breaking off and sliding into the Pacific: Earthquake.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)

    Prejudices are useless. Call Los Angeles any dirty name you like—Six Suburbs in Search of a City, Paradise with a Lobotomy, anything—but the fact remains that you are already living in it before you get there.
    Clive James (b. 1939)