Amami Islands

The Amami Islands (奄美群島, Amami-guntō?) are a group of islands that is part of the Satsunan Islands, a group of islands in the Ryukyu Archipelago. They are part of Kagoshima Prefecture, in the Kyūshū region of Japan. They consist of:

  • Amami Ōshima (奄美大島)
  • Kikai-jima (喜界島)
  • Kakeromajima (加計呂麻島)
  • Yoroshima (与路島)
  • Ukeshima (請島)
  • Tokunoshima (徳之島)
  • Okinoerabu-jima (沖永良島)
  • Yoronjima (AKA Yorontō unofficially) (与論島)

The name of Amami is probably cognate with Amamikiyo (アマミキヨ?) or Amamiko (アマミコ?), a goddess often featured in Okinawan legends.

The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan and the Japan Coast Guard agreed on February 15, 2010, to use the name of Amami-guntō (奄美群島?) for the Amami Islands. Prior to that, Amami-shotō (奄美諸島?) was also used.

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