Allende is a Spanish word of Latin origin meaning "beyond" or "besides". It is also a Basque surname.

Allende may refer to:

  • Salvador Allende, former President of Chile
  • Isabel Allende, Chilean writer and daughter of Tomás Allende, cousin of Salvador Allende
  • Isabel Allende (politician), Chilean politician and daughter of Salvador Allende
  • Isabel Allende Karam, Cuban diplomat and translator, former ambassador and now director of school of diplomacy
  • Laura Allende, Chilean politician and sister of Salvador Allende
  • Andrés Pascal Allende, Chilean revolutionary
  • Fernando Allende, Mexican entertainer
  • Ignacio Allende, Captain of the Spanish Army in Mexico
  • Jorge Allende, Chilean biologist
  • Juan Allende, professor of political science, brother to Isabel Allende and nephew to Salvador Allende
  • Allende family, influential family in Chile
  • Allende tequila, an alcohol
  • Allende, a meteorite fall of 1969 in the Mexico state of Chihuahua
Toponyms in Mexico
  • Allende Municipality, Chihuahua
  • Allende, Coahuila
  • Allende, Guanajuato
  • Allende, Nuevo León
  • Allende, Veracruz
Toponyms in Uruguay
  • Allende, Uruguay