Allegheny - Geologic and Geographic Features

Geologic and Geographic Features

  • Allegheny River, in Pennsylvania and New York
  • Allegheny Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountain Range in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia (see List of mountains of the Alleghenies)
    • Allegheny Mountain (Pennsylvania), major mountain ridge in the northern part of the Allegheny Mountains
    • Little Allegheny Mountain, in Pennsylvania and Maryland
    • Allegheny Mountain (West Virginia – Virginia), major mountain ridge in the southern part of the Allegheny Mountains
    • Back Allegheny Mountain, in West Virginia
  • Allegheny Plateau, which terminates in the east at the Allegheny Mountains
  • Allegheny Front, the escarpment delineating the eastern edge of the Allegheny Plateau and Mountains, separating them from the lower Ridge and Valley Appalachians
  • Allegheny Formation, a mapped bedrock unit of West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania

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