An alias is a pseudonym.

In culture
  • Alias (TV series), an American television series
  • Alias (video game), a video game based on the TV series
  • "Alias", a song from the album A Sense of Purpose by Swedish band In Flames
  • Alias (comics), an American comic book
  • Alias (band), a rock band
  • Alias (album), an album by the band Alias
  • Alias (artist), Brendon Whitney, a hip-hop artist
  • Alias, the heroine of the novel Azure Bonds
  • Samsung Alias or Samsung SCH-U740, a cell phone
  • Alias Records, a record label
  • Alias Enterprises, a United States publishing company
  • Alias, the name used by singer songwriter Ryan Tedder when working as a producer
  • Alias (board game), a Finnish board game
  • Alias (film), a Belgian film by Jan Verheyen (director)
  • Alias the Jester, a figure in a British TV-cartoon series
In computing
  • Aliasing, different continuous signals becoming indistinguishable when sampled
  • Aliasing (computing), multiple names for the same data location
  • E-mail alias, a virtual email address
  • Alias (command), a shell command
  • Alias (Mac OS), an icon linking to another file
  • Alias Systems Corporation (formerly Alias Wavefront)
  • PowerAnimator, an Alias Systems Corporation program also known as Alias
in geography
  • Alias, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran