African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem - Institutions


The Hebrew Israelite community has developed a number of progressive institutions that are operating successfully around the world. One of the more popular institutions is their Soul Vegetarian Restaurant chain. Soul Vegetarian is a commercial restaurant line centered around providing a healthier alternative to the mainstream fast food options and their corresponding effects.

Another international institution founded by the Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem is the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA). AHDA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which operates primarily on the African continent. It specializes in "providing technical assistance, training and consultancy in essential areas... such as health, agriculture, rural development, environmental maintenance and related fields." The AHDA has also collaborated with indigenous African organizations to help mobilize the African Boreholes Initiative (ABI). ABI is a social enterprise built around the need to provide clean water to local African villages that would be otherwise incapable of accessing it.

In February 2005, in conjunction with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the group set up a conflict resolution center in Dimona to teach non-violence and reconciliation to families, communities, faiths and nations.

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