Advance may refer to:

  • Advance, an offensive push in sports, games, thoughts, military combat, or sexual or romantic pursuits
  • Advance payment for goods or services
  • Advance (blockade runner), a paddle steamer used as a blockade runner during the American Civil War
  • Advance (English automobile), an English tricar
  • Advance (horse), one of the great Thoroughbred colts of the New Zealand turf
  • Advance (album), a 1996 album by British techno act LFO

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Famous quotes containing the word advance:

    Relying ... on the patronage of your good will, I advance with obedience to the work, ready to retire from it whenever you become sensible how much better choice it is in your power to make.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    It is in vain that we would circumscribe the power of one half of our race, and that half by far the most important and influential. If they exert it not for good, they will for evil; if they advance not knowledge, they will perpetuate ignorance. Let women stand where they may in the scale of improvement, their position decides that of the race.
    Frances Wright (1795–1852)

    Behind every individual closes organization; before him opens liberty,—the Better, the Best. The first and worse races are dead. The second and imperfect races are dying out, or remain for the maturing of the higher. In the latest race, in man, every generosity, every new perception, the love and praise he extorts from his fellows, are certificates of advance out of fate into freedom.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)