Administrative Divisions of Arkhangelsk Oblast

Administrative Divisions Of Arkhangelsk Oblast

Administratively, Arkhangelsk Oblast is divided into six cities and towns of oblast significance, twenty-one districts, and two island territories (Franz Joseph Land and Victoria Island). Besides, Mirny is a town under the federal government management.

In terms of the area, the biggest administrative districts are Novaya Zemlya (90,650 square kilometres (35,000 sq mi)) and Mezensky District (34,400 square kilometres (13,300 sq mi)). The smallest one is Solovetsky District.

In terms of the population, the biggest administrative district is Velsky District (61,819 in 2002), the smallest ones are Solovetsky District (968), Novaya Zemlya (2716), and Leshukonsky District (10,708).

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