Aditi (Sanskrit अदिति (limitless), from "a" (alpha privative) + "diti" (bound), which is from the Proto Indo-European root "da" (to bind)). In the Vedas Aditi is a sky goddess and mother of the gods (devamatri) from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born. As celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space (akasa) and with mystic speech (Vāc). She may be seen as a feminized form of Brahma and associated with the primal substance (mulaprakriti) in Vedanta. She is mentioned nearly 80 times in the Rigveda: the verse "Daksha sprang from Aditi and Aditi from Daksha" is seen by Theosophists as a reference to "the eternal cyclic re-birth of the same divine Essence" and divine wisdom. In contrast, the puranas, such as the shiva purana and the bhagavata purana, suggest that Aditi is wife of sage Kashyap and gave birth to the adityas such as Indra, Surya, and also vamana.

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