A595 Road - Safety


The road, along with the A66, is considered to be the most dangerous road in Cumbria. There are several accident blackspots along the length of the road. One of the most notable is a stretch known as Moota, which is regularly the scene of fatal accidents. The northern section was formerly a trunk road, but until the recent completion of the Distington Bypass it had only one small section of dual carriageway. The southern section of the road around New Mill does not have a secondary route. When this section is closed due to an accident or roadworks, the detour routes are via Wrynose and Hardknott mountain passes for cars, and via the M6 J40 for HGVs, the latter being a detour of 120 miles (190 km). The poor safety record of the road is highlighted by signs erected on the route stating "1245 casualties in 5 years".

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