35 Mm Film - Recent Proposed Innovations in Pull-down Specifications

Recent Proposed Innovations in Pull-down Specifications

Due to extremely high cost of modern digital projection installations, a new projection system option, based on the proven 6 perf pull-down, first used in 3 strip Cinerama is now being offered for low cost film based 3D stereoscopic presentations. It is also a means to provide a dramatic improvement in 2D (flat) 35 mm brightness and resolution, approaching the look of 70mm, while still using automated 35 mm projection technology. It is mainly intended for use in developing counties, and small, or isolated "first world" theater installations. Cost of prints, are less than 25% of similar running time in conventional 70mm Large Format, and only about 10% of the cost of 3D of flat IMAX. Image is roughly 50% brighter and more detailed than 4 perf 35 mm 3D or flat projection. As of mid 2010, only about 40 theaters in a huge film market, such as India, are able to show either digital 3D or 3D IMAX. As the duplication and film stock is compliant with SMPTE standards, there should be no impediment to its use, other than market forces, in the concerned countries and regions.

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