.303 British - Headstamps and Colour Coding

Headstamps and Colour Coding

Headstamp ID Primer Annulus Color Bullet Tip Color Other Features Functional Type
VII or VIIZ Purple None None Light Ball
VIIIZ Purple None None Heavy Ball
G1, G2, G3, G7 or G8 Red None None Tracer
G4, G4Z, G6 or G6Z Red White None Tracer
G5 or G5Z Red Gray None Tracer
W1 or W1Z Green None None AP
B4 or B4Z Blue None Step in bullet jacket Incindiary
B6 or B6Z Blue None None Incindiary
B7 or B7Z Blue Blue None Incindiary
O.1 Black Black None Observing
PG1 or PG1Z Red None Blue band on case base Practice-tracer
H1Z None None Front half of case blackened Grenade-Launching
H2 None None Entire case blackened Grenade-Launching
H4 None None Case blackened 3/4" inch from each end Grenade-Launching
H7Z None None Rear Half of case blackened Grenade-Launching (v.powerful load)

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