2007–08 NBA Season - NBA Awards - Players of The Month

Players of The Month

The following players were named the Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Month.

Month Eastern Conference Western Conference Ref.
01October – November Howard, DwightDwight Howard (Orlando Magic) Boozer, CarlosCarlos Boozer (Utah Jazz)
02December Howard, DwightDwight Howard (Orlando Magic) Paul, ChrisChris Paul (New Orleans Hornets)
03January James, LeBronLeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) Ming, YaoYao Ming (Houston Rockets)
04February James, LeBronLeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)
05March Johnson, JoeJoe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks) Paul, ChrisChris Paul (New Orleans Hornets)
06April Türkoğlu, HedoHedo Türkoğlu (Orlando Magic) Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

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