1983 in Ireland - Events


  • 19 January - The government confirm that the Gardaí were involved in the bugging of politicians and journalists' telephones.
  • 8 February - A motion calling for the resignation of Charles Haughey as leader fails after a 12 hour Fianna Fáil meeting.
  • 9 February - The racehorse Shergar is kidnapped from Ballymany Stud, County Kildare.
  • 14 April - The inaugural meeting of Aosdána, an affiliation of creative artists, takes place in the Old Parliament Building, Dublin.
  • 25 April - 2,000 people demonstrate in Dublin against the proposed Pro-Life Amendment Bill.
  • 20 May - The funeral takes place of former Tánaiste Frank Aiken.
  • 23 May - The Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim celebrates its 350th anniversary.
  • 27 May - A Mexican jet stranded for five weeks at Mallow Racecourse departs.
  • 30 May - The inaugural meeting of the New Ireland Forum takes place at Dublin Castle.
  • 10 June - Gerry Adams of Sinn Féin is elected the new MP for West Belfast.
  • 8 September - The referendum on the constitutional amendment in relation to abortion is carried by a two to one majority.
  • 20 September - Leading politicians pay tribute to former Tánaiste George Colley as he is laid to rest.
  • 25 September - Maze Prison escape: 38 IRA prisoners with arms escape from HM Prison Maze in County Antrim.
  • 5 October - The first stretch of motorway in the Republic was opened; the 8 km Naas bypass on the N7 national primary route.
  • 25 November - Quinnsworth executive Don Tidey is kidnapped outside his home in Dublin.
  • 3 December - President Patrick Hillery elected unopposed to last seven-year term in office.
  • 16 December - Don Tidey is rescued in County Leitrim.

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