1981 Australian Open – Women's Singles - Seeds


The seeded players are listed below. Martina Navratilova is the champion; others show the round in which they were eliminated.

  1. Chris Evert (Finalist)
  2. Tracy Austin (Quarterfinalist)
  3. Martina Navratilova (Champion)
  4. Andrea Jaeger (Quarterfinalist)
  5. Hana Mandlíková (Quarterfinalist)
  6. Pam Shriver (Semifinalist)
  7. Wendy Turnbull (Semifinalist)
  1. Evonne Cawley (Quarterfinalist)
  2. Barbara Potter (Second round)
  3. Mima Jaušovec (Third round)
  4. Virginia Ruzici (First round)
  5. Bettina Bunge (Third round)
  6. Sue Barker (Third round)
  7. Kathy Jordan (Third round)

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