10,000 Metres

The 10,000 metres or 10K is a common long distance running event. As "10,000 metres" it is a track event, and appears in athletics events such as the Olympic Games and the World Championships in Athletics; as "10K" it is a roadrace or cross country running event. The 10K road race is a popular distance among recreational runners.

The 10,000 metres is the longest standard track event. The imperial distance is equal to 6.214 miles (or, approximately 32,808.399 feet). Most of those running such races also compete in road races and cross country events. Official records are kept for outdoor 10,000 metre track events. The world track record for men is held by Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia in 26:17.53, posted at Brussels, Belgium on August 26, 2005. The 26:44 10K road race mark by Leonard Komon of Kenya was set in Utrecht, The Netherlands on September 26, 2010.

For women, the world track 10,000 metres record is held by Wang Junxia of China in 29:31.78 on September 8, 1993.

The 10,000 metres demands exceptional levels of aerobic endurance, and elite athletes typically train in excess of 160 km (100 miles) a week.

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