Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

Young Scientist And Technology Exhibition

The BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (Irish: Taispeántas na nEolaí Óga agus Teicneoilíochta), commonly called "the Young Scientist", is an annual competition that has been held every January since 1965 in Dublin, Ireland. Currently sponsored by BT Ireland, its intention is to encourage interest in science in secondary and primary schools,. There were 1,754 entries for the 2012 contest, the highest number ever, 550 of which were selected for the Exhibition at the Royal Dublin Society. In each and Technology Exhibition advance to participate in international events such as the European Union Contest for Young Scientists].

There are four categories in which projects are awarded to: biology, physics, social and behavioral sciences and technology. There are three levels of entry accepted.

One of the founders of the Exhibition, Father Tom Burke, died in March 2008. An award at the event was named after him in his memory.

Aer Lingus sponsored the competition for the first 33 years. 2010 was the tenth year in which the Exhibition was sponsored by BT. It has produced at least one author (Sarah Flannery) and one millionaire (Patrick Collison). Many of the past winners have gone on to establish international companies on the technology they developed. One of the most notable was Baltimore Technologies.

To apply to compete in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition, one must fill in a project form, that includes details of the projects and the participants. Judges then decide on the projects that they wish to display at the RDS in the exhibition. About one third of the projects that apply get in. Each project has a stand that displays information on the project. The general public are allowed to view the projects during the three days of exhibitation. During these days, the projects are judged and an award ceremony is held. there are prizes for each section, and prizes supplied by different parties as well. More information on

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