Yonah has several meanings is a variant transliteration for Jonah (יונה) in Hebrew and means dove. Yonah means in Oromo language that is in Ethiopia “right now" in a sense of being hopeful

  • Yonah means bear in Cherokee
  • The Yonah (locomotive) - one of the four steam locomotives involved in the Great Locomotive Chase during the American Civil War.
  • Yonah Mountain is a mountain in northern Georgia, United States
  • Lake Yonah, on the Georgia - South Carolina border in the United States of America.
  • A Jewish bakery in Manhattan called Yonah Shimmel's Knish Bakery that has served fresh, oven-baked traditional Jewish delicacies since 1890.
  • In computing, Yonah is a code name for a processor in Intel's Pentium M line, after Banias and Dothan, branded Intel Core.

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Lake Yonah
... Lake Yonah is a lake on the Tugaloo River, separating Georgia and South Carolina ... The lake is created by the Yonah Dam, which is owned and operated by Georgia Power, and generates 22 megawatts ... Lake Yonah is a residential lake with about seventy-two vacation and permanent homes ...
Yonah Shimmel's Knish Bakery - History
... About 1890, Yonah Schimmel, a Romanian immigrant, used a pushcart to start his knish bakery ... As business grew, a small store on Houston Street was rented by Yonah and his cousin Joseph Berger ... When Yonah left the business a few years later, Berger took over the business, retaining the original name ...
Yossi Dahan - Selected Publications
... and Yonah, Y ... – The Mizrahi Challenge Studies in Philosophy and Education 19 (5-6) 423-444 Yonah, Y ... Yonah, Y ...
Yonah Gerondi
... Yonah ben Abraham Gerondi (Hebrew יונה גירונדי) (died 1263), also known as Rabbenu Yonah (רבנו יונה) and Yonah of Gerona, was a Catalan rabbi and moralist, cousin of Nahmanides ...
1929 Hebron Massacre - Specific Accounts of The Massacre - Molchadsky Story
... In August 1929, Yonah Molchadsky was nearing the end of her pregnancy when, on August 23, the disturbing news reached them that there had been attempts to harm Jews in Jerusalem ... The following day, Yonah started to feel labor pains and a doctor was called ... As Yonah gave birth to her second daughter in the basement of the Arab family's house, the masses outside began looking for Jews ...